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Nicolas El Baze

Nicolas El Baze is General Partner at Partech and based in San Francisco. He joined in 2000.

Nicolas currently leads seed investments in the US and Southeast Asia. He has been supporting visionary founders with disruptive models across a variety of areas including communications and cloud infrastructure, fintech, edtech, data analytics and AI, and tech-enabled marketplaces.

Nicolas co-founded and sold several companies, some of which were funded by Partech, including Softway International (acq. by ITway), Softway Systems (acq. by Microsoft), and ISDnet (acq. by Cable & Wireless). Many of his early-stage investments were acquired by industry leaders including: Akimbi (VMware), ClearApp (Oracle), Global Communications (Talarian), MultiMania (IPO, acq. by Lycos), LibertySurf (IPO, acq. by Tiscali), Meiosys (IBM), Pantero (Progress Software), Pulse.io (Google), SchoolFeed (Classmates.com), RightPoint (E.piphany), Q-Layer (Oracle), and Voxeet (Dolby Labs).

His current portfolio includes AdvanoAkridata, Ava, Beam, Beam CheckoutBlendid, Bolt, Bugcrowd, CircularEndless West, FazzFinku, HomebaseIgloo, LendTable, Macrometa, Madkudu, Mai, NanoNomad Homes, OpenSesame, PashousesPopMeals, Property Scout, PropsellerResilinc, Rinse, Shipper, Shohoz, Shox, Tinvio, Transcelestial, US2.ai, Walkie TalkieXendit, ZaapiZenyum, etc.

Nicolas received an MBA from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Paris, France and is a graduate of the International Management Program from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the University of Cologne, Germany. In his free time, he likes to combine his travels with food discovery adventures and his practice of martial arts.