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V7 Labs joins our Portfolio!

V7 Labsthe computer vision platform trusted by hundreds of customers including Tractable, GE Healthcare and Merck, has today joined the Partech Portfolio after closing an oversubscribed $3 Million seed round led by Amadeus Capital Partners, joined by Partech, Air Street Capital, and Miele Venture.

Since its inception in 2018, founders Alberto Rizzoli an Simon Edwardsson have seen V7 go from strength to strength. Their platform seeks to speed up the creation of high-quality training data by 10-100x. It works by giving its users the capacity to build automated image and video data pipelines, organize and version complex data sets, and train and deploy “state-of-the-art” vision AI models.

This fresh funding will allow V7 to expand their team at their London base and expand their features in tune with the desire and success of their customers. This will be felt most notably in the healthcare sector due to their expert support for medical imaging data. 

“For companies to build computer vision solutions that deliver business value, they must continuously collect, label and retrain their models,” Rizzoli explains the problem they look solve to Steve O'Hear in TechCrunch. “When we built Aipoly in 2015, we needed to build and maintain our own tools, whilst keeping up with the rapid state of the art of AI, because no third-party SaaS products were available”.

Find out more about V7's capabilities in this video.

Read the full Press Release here

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