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Treezor chooses ubble to combat financial fraud

ubble, an online identity verification service stronger than a face-to-face check in real life, has revealed today that it has partnered with Treezor to propose an innovative KYC solution to its customers, including real-time video. The partnership with ubble will allow Treezor to advance further on the process of expanding KYC's capabilities. Treezor is working with the Société Générale Group to create a robust customer identification that meets the most rigorous compliance regulations of major groups, while maintaining a high quality customer experience.

ubble's solution, focusing on video verification, will make the process for new customers opening an account easier and more efficient. This video innovation also combats the risk posed from money laundering caused by the use of false identity documents and identity theft. ubble's algorithms allows for unprecedented acceleration of data processing time and minimizes the failure of KYC processing. Comparisons with photo-based solutions show a markedly higher conversion rate with ubble's video solution, with 30% more users completing the ID verification process successfully. 

The necessity for video capture for ID is being encouraged more and more throughout Europe for online banking services. ubble's solution is leading the way regarding the fight against financial fraud and Streamlining data in all company channels (web, mobile web, app, tablets or terminals) through its universal platform integrated immediately to the back and front office.

Éric Lassus - CEO and co-founder of Treezor, remarked:

"Remaining true to Treezor's spirit of innovation, we are always looking for the most innovative partners. Our approach is to continually offer real technological advances while improving security for our customers and meeting regulatory requirements. ubble meets the needs of a regulated institution like Treezor, proposing greater security, more fluidity, and an optimized customer experience. This partnership demonstrates the benefits of our open platform approach, serving speed to market and cost sharing.  

Juliette Delanoe - COO and co-founder of ubble, commented: 

"The choice of Treezor confirms ubble's commitment to providing a reliable and easy-to-use identity verification solution for demanding players in the banking and credit sectors. We want to build on this partnership to increase the efficiency of our product development and capitalize on Treezor's international development ambitions.”

To find out more, read the full press release here.

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