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Partech newsletter: our portfolio startups welcomed a unicorn and raised €30M !

November and December may evoke images of snowflakes and icicles but they were sizzling hot for Partech!
With the rise of a unicorn, four new portfolio companies onboard and so many developments for Acatus, Holberton School and TradeDepot, our portfolio companies thrive in every season! 
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season from the Partech team !
The Partech Team 

This happened recently

  • Toss, the world’s fastest growing fintech service, announced the closing of a $80 million funding round on December 12th. Now valued at over $1.2 billion, Toss is the first fintech unicorn in Korea. Jai Choi, Partner of our Seed Fund, thinks it's clear: “With more than 10 million customers today, the company is on track to building a top global fintech service for the region”.
  • Acatus launched the first digital pan-european debt capital markets platform. "We are pleased to contribute to the digitization and modernization of the European debt capital markets and to the revival of the securitization business with Acatus," declared founder and CEO Marie Louise Seelig.
  • Privitar secured strategic investment from Citibank. “Since Partech decided to invest in Privitar in 2017, we have seen continuous growth with landmark deals and high-profile customers in the FTSE100. It’s exciting to see Citi come on board and back Privitar’s US expansion” said Jean-Marc Patouillaud.
  • The Holberton School plans to break ground in Colombia by opening two schools in Bogota and Medellin. “Colombia’s digital growth is so impressive that they cannot currently train the required pool of software engineering talent fast enough,” explained Julien Barbier, Holberton’s CEO and co-founder.
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