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Interview with Ambler, the first smart network for medical transportation

In February 2019, Partech announced its investment in Ambler, a French company that connects medical staff and medical transporters through an interface to book the most appropriate transport means for patients. It strives to be the French reference for non-urgent medical transportation by bringing efficiency and top-notch services for all stakeholders.

After nearly one year of operation, we met with Mehdi Ben Abroug, co-founder and CEO.

Can you please give us a few use examples of your solution?

The most common cases are round trips between home and care centers as well as inter-facility transfers of hospitalized patients. All such journeys, prescribed by doctors, are medical procedures that are an integral part of therapeutic programs.

Can you give us some information about the medical transportation market?

Every year in France, hospital caregivers book 60 million transfers in ambulance, medical transportation operators, and approved taxis. What is called “non-urgent” transportation of patients represents €5 billion in expenditures, a market size constantly rising, surpassing that of taxis and rental vehicles (€4 billion). 11,000 healthcare institutions prescribe non-emergency transportation services, among which 8,000 nursing homes. And there are 5,000 private ambulance companies available for this specialized transportation.

Can you please give us a few metrics of your activity after one year?

After one year, at Ambler, we have partnered with 150 healthcare facilities and 450 transportation companies.
Concrete metrics for our users are ...

Read the full interview on Medium and the video on Youtube!

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