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Gebeya and Unity Technologies form a Strategic Training Partner

Gebeya Inc., a Pan-African Ed Tech and online marketplace company have today announced the formation of a strategic training partnership with Unity Technologies, the creator of the world's leading real-time 3D (RT3D) development platform.

Gaming is becoming an increasingly popular industry on the African continent, with the number of gaming startups considerably rising. With this increase in companies comes the rise in the need for top developers with skills in Unity game development, virtual reality, visual effects, cinematics and visualization. Gebeya will therefore train these top developers in Unity, equipping them with the skills required to compete in the international market, and creating job opportunities for them in the international market.

The announcement of this partnership comes shortly after Gebeya raised $2M seed capital in a round co-led by Partech and Orange Digital Ventures, and followed by Consonance Investment Managers. The investment will go towards growing the number of highlight competent and competitive talents in Gebeya's marketplace and providing them with more substantial outsourced job opportunities from across the globe.

Qene Games, an award-winning East-African gaming startup behind games such as Kukulu and Gebeta, will be one of the first gaming studios working with Gebeya in providing internships, on-ground training, and job opportunities to the initial cohorts of Unity game developers. 

The partnership will go beyond just training new talent in Unit, but will introduce a comprehensive set of training in developing 3D Art, Rigging, Animation, Shading, Effects, AR, VR and architectural and cinematic visualizations. Furthermore, Gebeya will become an authorized re-seller of certain Unity products, and will put the newly trained Unity developers into their marketplace, to be placed in jobs as per the market need.

“The commitment of Gebeya and Unity Technologies to provide an accessible and progressive tech platform is an essential part of the partnership,” said Amadou Daffe, CEO and Co-founder of Gebeya. He added “Establishing a strong foothold in the African market hasn’t been done before, and this strategic agreement comes at a pivotal time for Gebeya, whose focus on accelerating the several parts of its talent matching business model whilst bolstering the creation of tech communities and the increase of a varied talent pool. With this partnership a new wave of tech disruptors dedicated to creating an authentic narrative of their own and partake in the digital transformation of Africa."

Find the press release here

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