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Dejbox, making waves in the food delivery industry

Dejbox, founded in 2014, a pioneer in the food-delivery industry, has just undergone a significant and exciting acquisition by multinational corporation Carrefour. The start-up is redefining the way employees think about everyday lunch-breaks: ensuring that they have access to restaurant quality food at prices that everyone can afford.

With fresh meals created by people with a real passion and knowledge of food, delivered right to your office door free of charge, Dejbox is the simple solution to making your 9-5 worthwhile. 

In fact, Boris Golden, Principal at Partech, in his blog post on Medium explains: 'The magic for the Dejbox customers is that they get, for the typical price of a lunch voucher (< 9€), a complete (big dish, dessert, drink) & really delicious lunch (just have a look at online ratings), that they can choose from dozens of different options every working day, and delivered for free!'

Carrefour's acquisition of the company comes in the light of its ambition to become a leader in the Food transition for all, as it has recognized Dejbox as being able to provide an affordable service that guarantees a high quality product.

Co-founder and CEO of Dejbox, Vincent Dupied, has written an in-depth analysis of their journey and their experience with our own Boris Golden. Find the article here.

To read more of Boris' blog post, click here. Or to read more about Dejbox's acquisition, click here.

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