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CEO Corner: 3 questions to Lisa Marino, RockYou CEO

RockYou is the San Francisco-based world’s largest in-game advertising network.

1. What’s your vision for RockYou! 18 months from now?

That we are a fully integrated digital media company with half our revenue coming from our Owned and operated properties and half coming from our ad network

  • Our O&O will expand outside of gaming

  • Our ad demand will remain industry leading in terms of revenue per US DAU
2. What is the one thing Partech never wants to hear?

That Rockyou needs more $.

3. The 3 most useful initiatives Partech helped you with?

  • Acquisitions both at the funding as well as the execution levels as that has been the growth engine of our business since 2014

  • Overall team management - Rockyou's model is very contrarian relative to the traditional gaming market and we are inventing it as we go. Mark and Nicolas have been instrumental in helping manage through challenging growth elements as a result.

  • Patience - in general I have a tremendous sense of urgency. Mark and Nicolas have worked with me to make sure we move quickly but without unnecessary risks.

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